Project Chicago presents the 8th Annual
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest
Friday, Sept. 16 Schedule
Columbia College Film Row Cinema

1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL
Friday Sept. 16th to Sunday Sept. 18th.  We recommend taking the El as there is a stop just up the street, the Roosevelt / State stop is on the Red, Green and Orange Lines. If you need to drive, there is plenty of Parking either on the street or in local garages. (Map link below)

Map to Columbia College Film Row Cinema

Friday Sept. 16th Film Schedule

Growing Up Sucks - Friday Sept. 16th - 4:00 PM
(Films about that awkward phase between childhood and adulthood)

De Lucha Boys  - 13 Min - Netherlands
Directed by: Thijs Bazelmans
At only eight years old, Max and Olaf are pulling off all kinds of crazy stunts. Even though they do not speak the same language, they fully rely on each other for the execution of their risky plans. Unfortunately the sky is the limit, as they find out in their last daring game.
Twenty years later Max and Olaf still have not fully recovered from this last failure. The only solution seems to be to repeat the stunt: Bigger, Better, Bolder!

Dirty Sex Tactics  - 6 Min - Oregon, US
Directed by: Doug Young
After flipping through an adult book, 12-year-old Stewart learns of society's attitude toward kids learning about sex, despite sex's prevalence throughout our daily lives.

Dawn - 30 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Jaime Mariscal
A coming of age story of 13-year-old, Dawn, who must make an important decision by the end of the day. Remain pure and true to herself or become another statistic.

Gettin' Kicks - 16 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Aaron Greer
Eric gets his brand new shoes taken by the neighborhood bully, who flings them across a telephone-wire littered with the shoes of his past victims. When they can't get the phone company to come out and help, Eric and his friends have to figure out other ways to liberate his shoes... and deal with the bully.

Almost Runaways - 12 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Josh Staman
A young boy gets the chance of his life to run away from home with the girl of his dreams...but what to bring?

Le maillot de Cristiano - 16 Min - Belgium
Directed by: Vincent Bruno
(Cristiano's Shirt) Tom and Ptit Lu, two children dream f buying the same shirt as their idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Dramatics - Friday Sept. 16th - 5:45 PM
(Heartwarming, dramatic, and thoughtful short films)

The Lovers - 10 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Brian Lange
Devon reluctantly follows her boyfriend, Luke, as he goes to buy drugs. When a number of unsettling things are revealed about his lifestyle and outside relationships, she ultimately decides to leave him and start anew.

A Faucet Drips - 13 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Laura Hoffman
A young couples trials and tribulations of an unexpected pregnancy.

Omero bello-di-nonna - 12 Min - Italy
Submitted by: Daniele Carelli
Omero lives in a childish world, mollycoddled by a lovely grandmother. But when she feels bad, Omero, in order to save, has raise the alarm and face his worst fears out of his protected world.

The Wardrobe - 14 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Jennifer Peepas
In this modern retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale, Justine embarks on a glamorous life with her new lover, Henri. Shopping sprees and beauty treatments turn her into his perfect woman: just like the mannequins he keeps in the attic.

Getaway Clean  - 6 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Geoff Crittenden
A savvy cat burglar gets double-crossed by his partner, but the game is not over just yet.

It's Natural to be Afraid - 10 Min - United Kingdom
Directed by: Justin Doherty
Challenged to regain his life following a period of deep mourning, Sam steps back into the world at exactly the same time as Mya arrives in town from Israel.  Their paths had no reason to cross, until....

Salvaging - 15 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Joseph Lyons
A down on his luck man and his fifteen year-old step-son navigate the twists and turns of their troubled relationship while pushing a junkyard-bound car through equally difficult city streets.

The Last Night - 14 Min - California, US
Directed by: Brad Cruz
After a nights plan with his fiance go astray ALEJANDRO finds him alone to his own devices. He soon sarcomas to a temptation. On this particular night, no different than any other night, Alejandro will be cured of his temptations forever.

On the Edge - Friday Sept. 16th - 7:30 PM
(Shorts from horror, action and suspense genres)

Nobody But Her - 7 Min - Louisiana, US
Directed by: Phillip Jordan Brooks
The terrifying story of 8-year old Greta and her grandmother. After her grandmother's strange death, two detectives work to unravel the mystery by questioning the young girl, leading them to the shocking truth.

Yellow Room - 10 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Jacqueline Reyno
A young man enters a yellow-wallpapered room and is entranced by images of a woman projected through cracks in the wall. She is ill and grows more sick and demented in the yellow room until she collapses and the light goes out. George tears the wallpaper off the walls revealing images of the woman, his mother, before her illness. He then repaints the room blue and is able to leave it in peace.

Grave News From Underground - 4 Min - Australia
Directed by: Irina Goundortseva
Love eternal and nocturnal.  But this will never be.  As each others rotten corpse. They will never see.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Rise of the Fist - 4 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Owen Weber
It's the hottest game above the slums and above the radar. In the world of underground Rock, Paper, Scissors, tensions are high and the stakes are higher. This trailer parody is Fight Club meets The Fast and the Furious meets Airplane.

Sidewalk Wars - 3 Min - Sweden
Submitted by: Hans Montelius
When the city sleeps a war breaks out, Sidewalk Wars.

The Small Assassin - 16 Min - Chicago, US
Submitted by: Chris Charles
Sometimes Mother Nature's most deadly gift is a child.

The Small Assassin (Trailer) from Beverly Ridge Pictures on Vimeo.

CHOICES - 6 Min - California, US
Directed by: Florence Vinger
A 6 minute mind bender by Flo Vinger. Two simultaneous and unique story lines that play in split screen. Here's the clincher... the same exact dialogue!

Choices Trailer from Flo Vinger on Vimeo.

Murder for Pleasure - 4 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Derek Braasch

Savasana - 18 Min - California, US
Directed by: Gerry Curtis
A fierce and beautiful woman and her new assistant have just relocated to the US from Singapore. A single note played on a piano in her empty mansion triggers a sequence of strange events resulting in death and revealing their family's dark secret.

Savasana Trailer from Gerry Curtis on Vimeo.

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