Project Chicago presents the 8th Annual
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest
Saturday, Sept. 17 Schedule
Columbia College Film Row Cinema

1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL
Friday Sept. 16th to Sunday Sept. 18th.  We recommend taking the El as there is a stop just up the street, the Roosevelt / State stop is on the Red, Green and Orange Lines. If you need to drive, there is plenty of Parking either on the street or in local garages. (Map link below)

Map to Columbia College Film Row Cinema

Saturday Sept. 17th Film Schedule

Mound Bayou - 8 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by Jon Ross
A look back at the first African American town.

Documentaries - Saturday Sept. 17th - 4:30 PM
(A look at the world we live in)

The Dancer - 11min - US/India
Directed by: Seth Stark
Shot on location in a remote village in India, The Dancer shows life through the eyes of an 11-year-old orphan boy, Satish Kumar, a non-actor portraying himself and giving us unrestricted access into his world.

Young At Heart  - 8 Min - Pittsburgh, US
Directed by: David Hall
John Ciotti is 91 years old... But that hasn't prevented him from staying young at heart. His insights into life and the importance of family can be applied to anyone no matter what their age.

Bricks, Beds and Sheep's Heads  - 13 Min - Morocco/New York, US
Directed by: Imelda O'Reilly
An Odyseey of a Moroccan immigrant looking back at his life on Aid El Kbir, a Islamic celebration two months after Ramadan.

Laughs and Giggles - Saturday Sept. 17th - 6 PM
(A wide selection of Comedy Shorts from around the world)

Guys Book Club  - 22 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: George Zwierz
A group of married men form a Book Club as an excuse to to get away from their wives. Adolescent insanity ensues.

But It Was Going So Well...   - 6 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Lynelle White
A blind date starts off going well until the couple discovers they are baseball fans on opposite ends of a long-standing rivalry.

My License - 2 Min - Florida, US
Directed by: Elzabeth Herrick
A young girl receives her new license, much to her father's dismay.

A Certain Breed - 13 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Scott Smith
The adventures of two coworkers and their antics at the local anti cruelty society.

The Birth of Sock Juice (Youth Entry) - 5 Min - Brooklyn, US
Directed by: Yehuda Freeman
Ms. Hisfauth, a rich overpowering debutante, commands Canville, her evil young butler, to bring her something new in the way of salad dressing. Canville works up quite a sweat while presenting all product possibilities available to him, none of which please Ms. Hisfauth.

Good News, Oklahoma! - 18 Min - California, US
Directed by: Doug Hannah
A satire about a well-intentioned liberal who gets fed up with salacious local media and creates her own show dedicated to good news, inadvertently paving a path of destruction that undermines everything she stands for.

What Up Little Kid - 3 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Ramiro Castro
Finally, a music video about hating little kids.

Demented Show - Saturday Sept. 17th - 8 PM
(Films of a bizarre and twisted nature)

Everything But Me - 6 Min - California, US
Directed by: David Brooks
Jack gets competitive when ordinary household objects seem to arouse his wife more than he does.

Demon's Dilemma  - 14 Min - California, US
Directed by: Hanjin Park
A demon walking amongst us. But demons and angels do not walk lock and step with their masters. That is a fable told by the old peoples who knew enough to fear them. Celestial beings can act out. But there are consequences for disobedience. So what happens when a demon defies the natural order and inadvertently commits an act fit for an angel? Heaven knows.

How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole?  - 5 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Anthony Colon
Malice and her jester friend have been kidnapped by the sadistic Herbi The Herbivore and are being held captive in his rabbit hole of torture and humiliation! Will they be able to escape the paws of this mad mammal monster or will they succumb to his dark depravity?!

Monster Flu - 6 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Brian Wiebe
A reclusive germaphobe must face his fears when his monster runs away.

Elsewhere - 13 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Michael Paulucci
A young man returns to Elsewhere, a large building full of: junk, toys, and old memories.

Hold The Mayo  - 8 Min - California, US
Directed by: Jeffrey Williams
Sam is a beleaguered sandwich store clerk who is having a very bad day. Then he has a life-altering encounter with Frank - a force of nature who believes the customer is always right. Horribly, horribly right.

Slashimi  - 13 Min - UK
Directed by: Anthony Powell
Sushi - It's not all about raw fish.  Tom is a struggling sushi apprentice, abused by his manageress, ridiculed by vile customers, he'll do anything to become a sushi master like his teacher Ryu. Anything...

Hold The Mayo - teaser trailer from Jeffrey Williams on Vimeo.

Ruby Weapon "Party Thighs" - 4 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Logan Hall
Ruby Weapon's first music video is an ensemble dance epic with everything from a monster fight to a Nerf hoop jam contest. Two emcees, a hype man, a DJ, and a cast of many throw a misfit's party on the streets of Chicago.

Pacciu!  - 4 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Matthew Wechsler
Imagination takes over when a man tries to steal the identity of a mob boss

Aunt Lorraine   - 5 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Leigh Jurecka
Dozens of old photographs of 'Aunt Lorraine' accompany a recording of her voice from an old reel-to-reel audio tape from the 1960s. What begins as a love letter to her husband turns into a self-help manual for women, painting an intriguing picture of what life was like for women at that time.

Romantics - Saturday Sept. 17th - 2:30 PM
(The Good, Bad and Funny side of romance)

Cockroach  - 14 Min - Australia
Directed by: Luke Eve
When Charlie is accidentally run over by his own wedding car, he is given another chance at life.

Cockroach Trailer from More Sauce on Vimeo.

The Birds Upstairs  - 9 Min - Michigan, US
Directed by: Christopher Jarvis
Frustrated attempts to bear children overwhelm the lives of an aristocratic, avian couple in the early nineteenth century.

Statue - 10 Min - New Orleans, US
Directed by: Andrew Bryan
A lonely, 'living-statue' street performer in the French Quarter of New Orleans tries to win the heart of a nearby street musician.

Some Mistakes Were Made - 6 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Daniel Harris
Adam and Cynthia wake up one morning in a foreign apartment after a night that they soon regret.

Cuore di clown  - 14 Min - Italy
Directed by: paolo zucca
Braciola is a clown that can't make anybody laugh. The only one who seems to understand and appreciate him is his beloved Gioia. But she' s forced to get married to the very bad boss Tonino.

Mi Intercambio "My Exchange" - 13 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Laura Szeszko
A shy exchange student struggles with adapting to his new life and what it means to be an American teenager.

We Met Online  - 12 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: yingqian wang
Matt, a computer-geek who spends most of his leisure time playing online-games, follows his friend's advice to try online-dating. After a series of bad dates, he doesn't find anyone interesting, but the process opens himself to the idea of love.

Smiley   - 9 Min - California, US
Directed by: Carrie Certa
A couple's interaction online can lead to confusion with emoticons.

The Artsy - Saturday Sept. 17th - 1:00 PM
(A selection of artistic endeavors)

Awakening  - 5 Min - Chicago, US 
Directed by: Matthew Stanton
A down-on-his-luck man attempts to propose to his girlfriend, only to be met with unexpected results.

Yi Yi  - 9 Min - New York, US
Directed by: Haley Bueschlen
Yi Yi' is a film that creates a dialog between a young Chinese woman and her ever changing cityscape, Beijing. In one scene she names the construction cranes as if they were birds, transforming with her imagination the otherwise menacing iron structures into organic forms.

rA1nB0wZ, p1LLz & T1N FO1L  - 7 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Daniel sobor
(YOUTH ENTRY) No, I'm not taking the pills you'd think I'm taking. All I know is that my ears are ringing, the walls are breathing, my lips are torn up and I can no longer recognize in a mirror the person I was six months ago.

A Life In Balance - 9 Min - Canada
Directed by: Julian Noble
An introverted man by nature reaches people's hearts and interacts with them through the art form of rock balancing.

S T R E T C H  - 4 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Arturo Cubacub
A sensual representation of an internal transformation process catalyzed by the shedding of one's former identity.

THE QUIET LIFE - 11 Min - California, US
Directed by: Timothy Hittle
Jay Clay has ceased his wanderings and built a home for himself and Blue, his faithful animal companion. Jay is content to live a quiet life. Yet trouble is never far away, and soon chaos is at his door.

Pedestal  - 3 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Janet Arvia
Producer/Director Janet Arvia presents a music video featuring the folk trio Sons of the Never Wrong, with special effects and cinematography by Jill Vanc.

Drift  - 7 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Catherine Forster
Drift is a poem about solitude, isolation, loss and acceptance.

Smiley Trailer from Carrie Certa on Vimeo.

SnapShot - 5 Min - Michigan, US
Directed by: Jason Grinde
Caleb finds himself tied to a table. Who put him there?

Nursery Crimes - 4 Min - UK
Directed by: L. Whyte
Little Bo Peep has slaughtered her sheep, and doesn't know where to hide them.

Nursery Crimes Trailer from L. Whyte on Vimeo.

Cell Phone Psycho - 4 Min - Louisiana, US
Directed by: David S. White
Have you ever been to the movies where a person answers a call on his cell phone? Have you ever hoped that there would be some kind of karmic restitution that would befall that person? Now there is... turn off your phone or else!

GHILD - 14 Min - California, US
Directed by: David Yarovesky
A coming of age tale about a boy who was born a giant and his struggle to fit in with a world too small for him.

Ivan - 3 Min - UK/Mexico
Submitted by: Marcos Villaseñor
When singer Leika Mochan starts preparing a soup, the kitchen comes alive, setting the stage for adventure and romance between a Carrot and her suitors, a pair of Cucumbers. Music video for the song 'Ivan', from the album 'Kaleidojismos'.

Take Me Home - 3 Min - New York, US
Directed by: Chris Daker
Take Me Home is a lo-fi handmade creation filled to the brim with fun and imagination.

The Buzz and Beyond: Reporting the 2010 Midterm Elections - 10 min - Washington DC, US
Submitted by: Pierre Kattar
This short documentary follows three political journalists - Don Gonyea of NPR News, Mark Leibovich of The New York Times, and Alexander Burns of Politico - as they scour the country for insights into Congressional candidates and their campaigns.

Le Miroir  - 7 Min - Switzerland
Directed by: Laurent Fauchère
THE MIRROR is about a man going from early childhood to old age in the time it takes to freshen up.

Riggs McClane - 7 Min - US
Directed by: Oscar Armendariz, Joseph Trebat
Young (we’re talking really young), aspiring security guard Riggs McClane, with his take-no-prisoners attitude and disgust for parking violators, is caught up in the case of a lifetime as he hunts the perpetrator of an art heist, while contending with another guard who cares little for Rigg’s reckless style.

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