Project Chicago presents the 8th Annual
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest

The CIRSFF is a four day event devoted entirely to short films produced by filmmakers from around the world.  Short films are more than just a springboard for up-and-coming directors, actors and producers, they are an independent art form.  Without your support the next big star or filmmaker may never be discovered.  Please come and join us in watching over 100 short films that cover all genres; from Comedy to Sci-Fi.
Sunday, Sept. 18 Schedule
Columbia College Film Row Cinema

1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL
Friday Sept. 16th to Sunday Sept. 18th.  We recommend taking the El as there is a stop just up the street, the Roosevelt / State stop is on the Red, Green and Orange Lines. If you need to drive, there is plenty of Parking either on the street or in local garages. (Map link below)

Map to Columbia College Film Row Cinema

Sunday Sept. 18th Film Schedule

Listen up! - Sunday Sept. 18th - 1:35 PM
(People with something important to stay)

Fighting Trump  - 15 Min - United Kingdom
Directed by: James Trosh
Documentary following three families affected by Donald Trump's golf development on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl'  - 3 Min - California, US
Directed by: Tiffany Shlain
Technology can be addictive. In a tribute to Allen Ginsberg's classic 1956 poem, we created a short film lampooning the addictions of our generation.

Life Amended  - 9 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Steve Simon
A young man with Multiple Sclerosis is attacked and faces his new limitations for the first time. While trying to find the man who attacked him he realizes that he is a different person, and that's alright.

The Games I Made Up  - 3 Min - Ohio, US
Directed by: Mary Twohig
'The Games I Made Up' is a short animation about my childhood tendency to create imaginative games by using the world around me. Within these games I imagined everyday objects to be something more than they are, such as pretending the repeating pattern on wallpaper was an endless maze. Within the film I portray a series of these memories connected by visual transitions which mimic the daydream-like fashion by which I recall memories.

NORAD   - 2 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Bob Blinn
The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has jet fighters in the air protecting North America day and night. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Think again.

Shape of Space  - 11 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Ronnie Reese
What happens when a building outlives its usefulness?  Do you tear it down?

Chicago Show - Sunday Sept. 18th - 2:45 PM
(Local films by local talent)

IronStag Kills Again  - 15 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: James Tracy
When a puzzling plot involving drug laced Twinkies is uncovered, an over the hill cop must prove he still has something left by closing the case.

Camel Town - 12 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Greg Brookens
A musical comedy about men obsessed with camels

Mr. Goodbye  - 11 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: David Calderon
'Mr. Goodbye' is an examination of love and forgiveness as a young woman finds that she is pregnant she hides it from her boyfriend only to have the truth discovered that she cheated on him after 3 years together.

Libby Girl: SURPRISE!   - 4 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Janet Mayson
Libby Girl is a sweet Jack Russell Terrier that loves to play and explore. She is always looking for something fun and new to do, especially when she can include her little Chihuahua friends, Rico and Bruno.

Mattress World  - 7 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Gwydhar Gebien
When an overworked mattress salesman closes shop after a long day, he discovers a mysterious young boy in the showroom. As he gives chase, the little boy leads him to a whimsical place where the mattresses have personalities of their own, and they attempt to lure him back to where he belongs during the borrowed hours of the night - in bed.

Thanks Mom - 13 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Daniel Kuhlman
Brothers Dan and Jeremy are aspiring filmmakers. When the economic crisis drains their pool of potential investors, they have no choice but to accept their mother's offer to fund their feature film. Months later, with their movie nearly complete, their artistic vision runs headlong into their mother's more wholesome values. THANKS MOM is a comedy about art, filmmaking and a couple of momma’s boys.

THANKS MOM Theatrical Trailer from Dan Kuhlman on Vimeo.

Best of the Fest
Sunday Sept. 18th - 4:15 PM

Movies TBA
The Best of the Fest show is a compilation of films from all the shows as chosen by directors, staff and audience.  This is the number one show to see to get a great feel as to what the short film industry is all about!

Typing - 10 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Jack Newell
Handed an impossible task, two burned out screenwriters find inspiration coming from the sound of a typewriter in the next room.

The Joe Mantegna Film Festival
Sunday Sept. 18th 12:00pm

Come watch a special tribute to Chicago Actor Joe Mantegna

We will screen 3 student short films that featured Joe as a young
up and coming Chicago actor in the 70's. Most of these films were
made by young Columbia Film Students and they were of course all
shot in film (remember film?)  We will also feature 2 brand new shorts Directed by Joe.

quick Bites 1 - 7:52     (2010 dir: Joe Mantegna)
quick Bites 2 - 7:31     (2011 dir: joe Mantegna)

A Steady Rain - 24:16     (1978 Columbia College)
dir: Marc Leif  DP: Jeff Jur
Cast: Joe Mantegna, Nathan Davis
A young boy alone in an apartment remembers events from his life as he witnesses a possible murder from his window.

Medusa Challenger - 24:30 (1976 Columbia College) 
dir: Steven Elkins   DP: Marc Miller
Cast: Joe Mantegna, Jack Wallace
Deeply moving film with an astonishing early performance from Joe Mantegna as a mentally challenged individual who proves himself to his doubtful uncle.  Joe's first movie.

Assassins  -  16:30 (Late 70's Columbia College)
dir: Charles Robert Carner
Cast: Joe Mantegna, Jack Wallace
The life of an assassin.

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Project Chicago presents the 11th Annual
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest

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