Project Chicago presents the 8th Annual
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest
The CIRSFF is a four day event devoted entirely to short films produced by filmmakers from around the world.  Short films are more than just a springboard for up-and-coming directors, actors and producers, they are an independent art form.  Without your support the next big star or filmmaker may never be discovered.  Please come and join us in watching over 100 short films that cover all genres; from Comedy to Sci-Fi.
Thursday, Sept. 15 Schedule
At the Original Mothers, 8:00pm

26 West Division Street, Chicago, IL 60610
Thursday Night (Sept 15) at 8:00pm is the ‘Fest Preview’ at Mother’s. This is a 21 and over event. Mother’s is One block East of the Clark and Division Red Line stop. (See map link below)

8:00 PM Festival Preview Show
A smattering of the fest to get your feet wet!

Map to the Original Mothers
Le Miroir  - 7 Min - Switzerland
Directed by: Laurent Fauchère
THE MIRROR is about a man going from early childhood to old age in the time it takes to freshen up.

Smiley   - 9 Min - California, US
Directed by: Carrie Certa
A couple's interaction online can lead to confusion with emoticons.

Smiley Trailer from Carrie Certa on Vimeo.

Guys Book Club  - 22 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: George Zwierz
A group of married men form a Book Club as an excuse to to get away from their wives. Adolescent insanity ensues.

My License - 2 Min - Florida, US
Directed by: Elzabeth Herrick
A young girl receives her new license, much to her father's dismay.

Riggs McClane - 7 Min - US
Directed by: Oscar Armendariz, Joseph Trebat
Young (we’re talking really young), aspiring security guard Riggs McClane, with his take-no-prisoners attitude and disgust for parking violators, is caught up in the case of a lifetime as he hunts the perpetrator of an art heist, while contending with another guard who cares little for Rigg’s reckless style.

What Up Little Kid - 3 Min - Illinois, US
Directed by: Ramiro Castro
Finally, a music video about hating little kids.

Monster Flu - 6 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Brian Wiebe
A reclusive germaphobe must face his fears when his monster runs away.

Nursery Crimes - 4 Min - UK
Directed by: L. Whyte
Little Bo Peep has slaughtered her sheep, and doesn't know where to hide them.

Nursery Crimes Trailer from L. Whyte on Vimeo.

De Lucha Boys  - 13 Min - Netherlands
Directed by: Thijs Bazelmans
At only eight years old, Max and Olaf are pulling off all kinds of crazy stunts. Even though they do not speak the same language, they fully rely on each other for the execution of their risky plans. Unfortunately the sky is the limit, as they find out in their last daring game.
Twenty years later Max and Olaf still have not fully recovered from this last failure. The only solution seems to be to repeat the stunt: Bigger, Better, Bolder!

Dirty Sex Tactics  - 6 Min - Oregon, US
Directed by: Doug Young
After flipping through an adult book, 12-year-old Stewart learns of society's attitude toward kids learning about sex, despite sex's prevalence throughout our daily lives.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Rise of the Fist - 4 Min - Chicago, US
Directed by: Owen Weber
It's the hottest game above the slums and above the radar. In the world of underground Rock, Paper, Scissors, tensions are high and the stakes are higher. This trailer parody is Fight Club meets The Fast and the Furious meets Airplane.

Festival Preview Show - Thursday Sept. 15th - 8:00 PM
(Not in order of appearance/ this is a 21 and over show)

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Project Chicago presents the 11th Annual
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest