sEPTEMBER  16TH - 19TH,  2010

The CIRSFF is a four day event devoted entirely to short films produced by filmmakers from around the world.  Short films are more than just a springboard for up-and-coming directors, actors and producers, they are an independent art form.  Without your support the next big star or filmmaker may never be discovered.  Please come and join us in watching over 100 short films that cover all genres; from Comedy to Sci-Fi.

SATURday, Sept. 18 Schedule

Columbia College Film Row Cinema

1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL
Friday Sept. 17th to Sunday Sept. 19th.  We recommend taking the El as there is a stop just up the street, the Roosevelt / State stop is on the Red, Green and Orange Lines. If you need to drive, there is plenty of Parking either on the street or in local garages. (Map link below)

Map to Columbia College Film Row Cinema

Kids Show - 12:30 Saturday

Wesley's Worlds
6min - US, Directed by: Wesley Ruby
Follow young Wesley as he discovers that books allow him to travel to wonderful worlds created from pure imagination...

Trick or Treat
6min - US, Directed by: J. David Ruby
Cameron's Mom makes the best Halloween candy in the neighborhood, but there's never any left over for him! This year, despite bullies and freaky religious girls, Cameron is determined to get his hands on a piece of that candy.

Billy Baxter and The Mystery of Dr. Amazo
13min - US, Directed by: Patrick Flaherty
A young boy opens a new dimension of adventure when some comic book toys send him on an amazing trip of wonder.

6min - Australia, Directed by: Gerard Mulvany
Budding geologist, Kraig, discovers a meteorite in his own backyard. The discovery is more than a cool rock for his collection. The rock conceals a secret.

Libby Girl: Online!
4min - US, Directed by: Janet Mayson
Libby Girl is a sweet Jack Russell Terrier that loves to play and explore. She is always looking for something fun and new to do, especially when she can include her little friends. And there's no stopping her... even online! This is the latest adventure in the Libby Girl Series featuring this spirited little dog.

82 Westing Street
2min - US, Directed by: Peter Gundling
A man finds a note for a 'free room' and drives to the house. What he finds there is a mystery.

Full Count
9min - US, Directed by: Patrick Collier
After getting into a fight with his girlfriend the night before, Casey must pitch the final inning of his baseball team's last game with the help of his friends and the things he loves most about the game.

4min - Canada,
Directed by: Rob Silvestri
Ormie is a Pig, in every sense of the word. Pig see cookie. Pig want cookie. But they are out of reach...or are they? See Ormie's attempts to gain the warm sweet taste that is his obsession.

CHICAGO ShowCASE - 1:30 Saturday

Gambler's Mirage
10min - US, Directed by: Mario Bobzin
A young man sees his stepfather in a new light after he finally meets his biological father.

14min - US, Directed by: Josh Hope
Two odd ball strangers find an unusual connection with each other after meeting online.


12min - US, Directed by: Ben Lumpkin
A corporate couple's marriage is saved when a dominatrix takes them hostage.

Dine & Dash
6min - US, Directed by: Tia Ayers
Two hungry roommates order a pizza to satisfy their appetites. But when the pizza arrives, their wallets are nowhere to be found. With their hunger mounting and the delivery man's patience dwindling, they need to act fast.

13min - US, Directed by: Carter Martin
A man and woman meet in a train station on Christmas Eve and begin an elaborate, cruel game - a ritual that forces them to face who they blame for their most staggering losses.

10min - US, Directed by: Nicholas Ferrario
In the world of boxing, there are the good, and the bad.

No Respect
15min - US,
Directed by: Eric Townsend
A man who is tired of the everyday routine that is his life, hears a scream, that will change everything.

Say Something - 3:15 Saturday

Portland Cello Project "Denmark"
6min - US, Directed by: Daniel Fickle
Portland Cello Project's new music video features Pily, a lovable crustacean of mixed origin, who struggles to escape his underwater home when it becomes threatened by pollution.

Cold April
16min - Rwanda/US, Directed by: Mike Smith RIvera
The true story of the St. Maria Goretti schoolgirls who stood together against hatred and intolerance during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Based on John P. McEneny's award-winning short play of the same name and with an original score by Grammy-nominated composer Enrique 'Hank' Feldman, COLD APRIL is the heart-wrenching tale of children fighting for what they believe is right.
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Balkan Beat Box - War Again
4min - US, Directed by: Paul Griswold
Recorded during the riots in Belgrade, Balkan Beat Box mixes Mediterranean music with a driving urban sound. 'War Again' is the first release from the album 'Blue Eyed Black Boy'.

6min - US, Directed by: Michael Harkins
France, 1944: While moving through the Norman countryside, an American medic discovers a wounded German soldier.

So, Mary?
8min - US, Directed by: Julianne Hill
A seasoned journalist unsure of her position on God and the afterlife poses questions to Mary Magdalene about her alleged relationship with Jesus, their children, and her life after his death.

The Nuclear Genie
3min - US, Director Erik Choquette
Youth entry - A short film warning about the dangers of nuclear arms and how, as a nation, we can put the metaphorical nuclear genie back in the bottle.

Tales of Mere Existence
17min - US
A quirky and honest look at everything from love to religion.

Growing Up Sucks - 4:30 Saturday

13min - US, Directed by: Benjamin Feuer
A lesbian teen tries to earn the love of her straight best friend by buying her the perfect gift.

15min - US, Directed by: Katja Straub
Martha shows the view on life through the eyes of an 11-years old girl. Martha struggles to accept her family and directs her frustration onto her little brother and finds outlets for it in vivid daydreams We follow Martha into her world where reality and imagination merge into one.

5min - US, Directed by: Brian Lange
A depressed young girl finds happiness in Death.

Drawing Underwater
19min - US, Directed by: C.J. Arellano
Have you heard of Cynthia Palmer (Kelley Minneci), that girl whose brother shot himself in the head on his birthday?

Picture Day
18min - US, Directed by: Ken Adachi
High school is tough. Freshman Miles Dufort will risk everything to take a perfect school picture and give himself a chance to survive the next four years.
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Comedy Show - 6:00 Saturday

4min - US, Directed by: Collin Mapp
A band's performance gets the attention of an unexpected fan!

Scottish Bob
7min - Australia,
Directed by: Darren McFarlane
When the Family get together, it is a constant struggle to avoid the day ending in disaster.

Cuff Love
5min - US, Directed by: Dominique Guerra
After finding handcuffs and a list of girls' names in her boyfriend's apartment, Agatha believes her boyfriend, Mark, is cheating on her. With her friend's advice, Agatha handcuffs herself to Mark's bed in an attempt to fix their relationship.

I Wanna Shine

8min - Venezuela,
Directed by: Prakriti Maduro
When the clerk locks the Film Equipment Room that night, the gear comes alive. Cameras, lights, microphones, cables, tripods wake up and start shooting their own film, a musical on which for the first time, they are the stars.

Happy Birthday Pele
5min - US, Directed by: Holly Goodhart
While choking on a jalapeno popper, Sheila has a revelation about her date, Jack, during her birthday dinner at a western themed restaurant.

Switch Hit Resistor
5min - US, Directed by: Adam Sztykiel
For Nick (18), a typical, lonely Saturday at home turns into the greatest party in history (literally, when time traveling historical figures show up), when Detroit rock band WOODWARD unexpectedly shows up to play a show in his backyard.

Taco Mary
12min - US, Directed by: Mary Novak
Rob, an atheist, does not know what to do when he sees the Virgin Mary in his taco.

in Love with Kimberly Johnson
9min - US, Directed by: Adam Johns
A young boy builds magical toy creatures for the girl of his dreams; but when they fail to spring to life on cue, he must rethink who is dream girl actually is.

Loveable Laughs - 7:15 Saturday

15min - US, Directed by: Geoff Edwards
Logan Holtzblatt is a responsible woman with a flaky actor for a Father. He can annoy her, but his behavior doesn't always affect her. Until he comes to town and starts sleeping with her roommate, Liz.

Carpe Millennium
18min - US, Directed by: Eric Bednarowicz
A virgin tries to lose it all on the eve of the Year 2000.

How to Make a Baby
1min - US,
Directed by: Cassidy Curtis
The mystery of human procreation, explained in under a minute: take two people, add a little hot air, and boom! That's all there is to it.

A Burning Tale of Desire
15min - US, Directed by: Amanda Daniels
An introverted romance novel addict, Becka, goes out on a blind date, and gets an unexpected visit by Juan Philipe, a character from one of her books.  More Info

LipDub at Calvin College
4min - US, Directed by: Rachel Kuyvenhoven
A four-minute one shot video of students going about their regular activities, such as rock climbing, swimming, and working out, while also singing along with the song.

Tall Tale Tanner
12min - US,
Directed by: Jason Hinkle
Tall Tale Tanner is the story of Tanner, a shy guy who seeks relationship advice from a strange, self-professed seduction guru. An oddball cast of characters are introduced as Tanner is sent on a misguided mission to find love.

Best Of The Fest - 8:35 Saturday

Movies TBA
The Best of the Fest show is a compilation of films from all the shows as chosen by directors, staff and audience.  This is the number one show to see to get a great feel as to what the short film industry is all about!