sEPTEMBER  16TH - 19TH,  2010

The CIRSFF is a four day event devoted entirely to short films produced by filmmakers from around the world.  Short films are more than just a springboard for up-and-coming directors, actors and producers, they are an independent art form.  Without your support the next big star or filmmaker may never be discovered.  Please come and join us in watching over 100 short films that cover all genres; from Comedy to Sci-Fi.

SUNday, Sept. 19 Schedule

Columbia College Film Row Cinema

1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL
Friday Sept. 17th to Sunday Sept. 19th.  We recommend taking the El as there is a stop just up the street, the Roosevelt / State stop is on the Red, Green and Orange Lines. If you need to drive, there is plenty of Parking either on the street or in local garages. (Map link below)

Map to Columbia College Film Row Cinema

With A Twist - 12:15 SUNday

True Beauty This Night
10min - US,
Directed by: Peter Besson
Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life. Now all he has to do is convince her she's the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met.


5min - US, Directed by: Josh Mullins
A man blames himself for the accidental deaths of his wife and young daughter, so he seeks comfort and forgiveness from a Priest.

Final Revision
13min - US, Directed by: Sky Wang
A frustrated writer struggles to find the motivation behind a story that involves two brothers and their differences. While letting the story unfold, events escalate as he writes the final revision and the story takes him to places he did not expect. View Trailer

DigiLove SE
4min - US, Directed by: Daniel Harris
A young couple fight and ultimately break up over text messaging. When one of them loses their phone, they must re-connect by some other means..


Boy Meets Girl
7min - US, Directed by: Andrew Miller
When a guy (Aaron Staton, Mad Men) takes his dog for a walk in the park, the last thing he expects is a mysterious series of farts. But perhaps even more unexpected is how the farts lead to an encounter with a beautiful woman (Connie Fletcher Staton, All My Children) that doesn't go at all like he imagines.


The Violinist
20min - US,
Directed by: Carlo Besasie
When a charming, world famous concert violinist comes to town for a concert series, a lonely bag boy attempts to impersonate him in an attempt to improve his love life.

Chicago Music Scene - 1:25 SUNday

Burlington Northern
4min - US, Directed by: Jerry Vasilatos
Featuring the music of the Chicago musical group Braam, 'Burlington Northern' is a lyrical journey set against the changing seasons of the Midwest.

Girls Rock! Chicago
23min - US, Directed by: Sarah Moshman
Young girls in Chicago at rock camp learn guitar, bass and drums, form their own bands, write their own songs and perform at a large venue within one week while building self-esteem along the way.


Yea Big + Kid Static - Heavy Catamaran
4min - US, Directed by: Martin Rodahl
Yea Big's TV goes static so he takes it for a walk to the repair shop. This music video was created by compositing historical footage onto a vintage television set to create a dynamic connection between the artist duo Yea Big and Kid Static.

Chi-Town Pulse
30min - US, Directed by: Doug Operzedek
Digital Filmmaker, Doug Operzedek, brings you his first short film, "Chitown Pulse". This original docu-fiction film takes you into the amazing blues dancing scene in Chicago. See how the influence of the blues changes lives.

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The Romantics - 2:35 SUNday

20min - UK,
Directed by: Kirsten Cavendish
Gerald aka Scooterman, a thirty writer, blocked on paragraph one of his first novel about minor Ruthenian nobility coping with the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire, is eking out a living working for a company which sends drivers on foldaway mopeds to pick up drunks from parties and drive them home in their own car. He picks up Daisy, a Notting Hill 30-something chick, stuck in a horrible relationship with her (then absent) boyfriend Barry, a top literary agent.

Lose My Mind
5min - US, Directed by: Travis LaBella
At the premiere of his latest single, Rotimi is drugged by a woman who catches his eye. He is transported to a psychological institution in which he must overcome the temptation of sexy nurses and a white padded room to reach the woman of his dreams.

Dear Gerbil
9min - US,
Directed by: Christopher Hong
A girl mourns the passing of her beloved gerbil as her boyfriend struggles to comfort her.

First Impressions

5min - US, Directed by: Michael Harkins
A guy tries to get the attention of the girl of his dreams.

Grace Weber - Sparrows
4min - US, Directed by: Martin Rodahl
A boy uses his camcorder to tell the story of two girlfriends.

Works of Art
19min - US, Directed by: Andrew Pang
Meet Art Hahn (Paul Juhn), whose days are a blur of demoralizing auditions and bleak temp jobs--just one actor among a multitude numbed by the New York struggle. One day, an unusual proposition from his friend, John Kim (Ken Leung), leads him to a remarkable role that jolts his system like never before.

Horror/Scifi Show - 3:45 SUNday

Out of the Equation
7min - US, Directed by: Matthew Van Howe
A stay-at-home husband / scientist forgets to include a vital piece on a new invention. 

The Survivors
13min - US, by: Ivan Diaz
Vampires just killed your friends before your eyes. They are taking control, and now your friends are getting back up. They want you to join them. What do you do?

7min - US, Directed by: Sam Karras
A fantasy-horror short about a young boy whose late-night stories come to life.

13min - Australia, Directed by: Stuart Mannion
When science geek Martin invents a teleport machine he meets animal-rights activist Kat... and finds love has a way of messing up the synapses.

Haunted by Ghostkeeper
3min - Canada, Directed by: Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi
A young boy's vivid daydream takes him on an adventure to find the young girl of his fancy, who is always just out of reach.

By Her Hand, She Draws You Down
26min - US, Directed by: Anthony G. Sumner
Based on the short story by acclaimed author Douglas Smith, BY HER HAND, SHE DRAWS YOU DOWN is a creepy and suspenseful tale of a boardwalk portrait artist who struggles with a powerful dark hunger, and the man who, through loving her, must come to grips with his own inner demons.