sEPTEMBER  16TH - 19TH,  2010

The CIRSFF is a four day event devoted entirely to short films produced by filmmakers from around the world.  Short films are more than just a springboard for up-and-coming directors, actors and producers, they are an independent art form.  Without your support the next big star or filmmaker may never be discovered.  Please come and join us in watching over 100 short films that cover all genres; from Comedy to Sci-Fi.

Thursday, Sept. 16 Schedule

At the Original Mothers, 8pm

26 West Division Street, Chicago, IL 60610
Thursday Night (Sept 16) at 8pm is the ‘Fest Preview’ at Mother’s. This is a 21 and over event. Mother’s is One block East of the Clark and Division Red Line stop. (See map link below)

5min - Canada,
Directed by: david baas
An animated mock documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

Prince Charmin'
4min - US, Directed by: Jonny Diaz
An urban tale of a classic story in Cinderella with a role reverse.
It's story about a young man who wakes up stranded on the beach with both hands buried into the sand.

Cold Turkey
11min, Ireland, Director Gavin Keane
The tale of a sound man on a low budget feature who is under orders to create authentic sound effects for a fight scene. Trouble is his boss needs them yesterday, he has no idea what he's doing and his           neighbour's kids just won't go away.

Yea Big + Kid Static - Heavy Catamaran
4min - US, Directed by: Martin Rodahl
Yea Big's TV goes static so he takes it for a walk to the repair shop. This music video was created by compositing historical footage onto a vintage television set to create a dynamic connection between the artist duo Yea Big and Kid Static.

The Sandy Hoffman Incident
3min - US, Directed by: Alex Mechlin
An improv comedy about two friends who run into a girl they knew in high school. The girl remembers one friend, but not the other, causing much discomfort in the latter.


Wipe & Fold
2min - US, Directed by: Ron Fleischer
PSA informing children how to conserve toilet paper.

Scottish Bob
7min - Australia,
Directed by: Darren McFarlane
When the Family get together, it is a constant struggle to avoid the day ending in disaster.

Skinny Dippin'
5min - US
The first day of summer will never be the same! Music Video by the band Essex Chanel

Tall Tale Tanner
12min - US,
Directed by: Jason Hinkle
Tall Tale Tanner is the story of Tanner, a shy guy who seeks relationship advice from a strange, self-professed seduction guru. An oddball cast of characters are introduced as Tanner is sent on a misguided mission to find love.

Cuff Love
5min - US, Directed by: Dominique Guerra
After finding handcuffs and a list of girls' names in her boyfriend's apartment, Agatha believes her boyfriend, Mark, is cheating on her. With her friend's advice, Agatha handcuffs herself to Mark's bed in an attempt to fix their relationship.

I Wanna Shine

8min - Venezuela,
Directed by: Prakriti Maduro
When the clerk locks the Film Equipment Room that night, the gear comes alive. Cameras, lights, microphones, cables, tripods wake up and start shooting their own film, a musical on which for the first time, they are the stars.

How to Make a Baby
1min - US,
Directed by: Cassidy Curtis
The mystery of human procreation, explained in under a minute: take two people, add a little hot air, and boom! That's all there is to it.

Who Would You?
5min - US, Directed by: Todd Eric Valcourt
Who Would You? is a comedy short about a husband and wife who go a little too far while talking about each other's secret desires.

Burlington Northern
4min - US, Directed by: Jerry Vasilatos
Featuring the music of the Chicago musical group Braam, 'Burlington Northern' is a lyrical journey set against the changing seasons of the Midwest.

7min - US, Directed by: Sam Karras
A fantasy-horror short about a young boy whose late-night stories come to life.

Happy Birthday Pele
5min - US, Directed by: Holly Goodhart
While choking on a jalapeno popper, Sheila has a revelation about her date, Jack, during her birthday dinner at a western themed restaurant.