2010 Festival

And the awards are...................

Best of the Fest: The Violinist

Best Romantic Comedy: Works of Art

Best Documentary: De Juguetes

Best Horror Short: By Her Hand, She Draws You Down

Best Foreign Film: L'incroyable voyage de Margaux
Best Music Video: Yea Big + Kid Static - Heavy Catamaran

Best Artistic Film: Telefone

Most Tense Film: Un Dia Antes del Fin del Mundo

Most Demented Short: Phillip the Safety Egg

Most Icky Short: Wipe and Fold

Best Youth Short: 82 Westing Street

Best Political Drama: Cold April
Best Animated Short that wasn't Animated: Tales of Mere Existence

Best Film about the worst uncle: Scottish Bob

Cute as a Bug Film of the year: How to Make a Baby

Best Local Film: Tall Tale Tanner
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