Sunday Oct. 12th Schedule
3:00PM - All About Love

Under Ground  
15 min.   China 
Under Ground tells the story of two Chinese girls who are trying to survive and create a life together in New York City. Xuan is a talented young musician who dreams of making it big and touring the world as an indie-rock star. Her desire is not only driven by her love of music, however, but also by her need to tell her family about her relationship.  
Sha Huang,  Director

6 min.   Australia 
Lovable Liz is bumbling and stumbling her way through the world wide web of love, can she keep quiet long enough to see if true love's what she hooked on the net?

Something About You Ain’t Right  
3 min.   California 
Music Video 'Something about singer Robb Torres ' musical past comes back to haunt him.
Alisa Daglio,   Director

5 min.   New York  
This film is about Nil and Nell. Nil and Nell both live in the same town. They wake up at the same time, go to their dull office jobs, eat their lunches alone, and return to their studio apartments. All that they need to break out of their dreary everyday existence is the spark that comes from meeting someone new…
Kristin Skye Hoffmann,  Director

Memory   6 min.  
Highland Park, IL  
As an old man stands on the edge of the Queensboro Bridge about to take his life, his world is rejuvenated by a chance sighting of a young woman crossing the bridge. This fateful encounter leads to a relationship and a revelation that will forever change both of their lives.
Alexander Suber,  Director

10 min.   California 
The story of a girl who had to be 'de-graded' to figure out that she's actually an A.
Maxi Witrak, Writer

Love You Still  
11 min.   Wisconsin/Columbia College 
John, an aging fisherman, struggles with memories of his young love, Alice. He longs for her return and lives in regret. One day, a bottle washes ashore. Inside is a note that begs the question: did John lose the love of his life, or did he lose his mind?
Susan Kerns,  Producer

Fallen Sun  
3 min.   California 
Shadow play meets Gothic world of Dracula castle in a romantic story told in an exciting animated combination of live action band performance integrated with 2D dynamic layers.
Ivan Andrijanic,  Director; Producer

Same Time, Same Place  
19 min.   California
In order to change the past, an old man travels back in time to make sure he never meets the girl who broke his heart.
Matt Gengel,  Director

I Can See You
16 min. California
Marnie is compelled to relive a day from her teenage past over again: On a midsummer afternoon, she entered the forest and lost her innocence. Her one true friend, the caretaker's son, protects her from the memories that are a daily reminder of that fateful day.
Directed by: Lucy Butler

Sunday Oct. 12th Schedule
5:00PM - This is Life - Dramatic Short Films

Mr. Brocklehurst  
27 min.   California  
As a college admissions officer, Mr. Brocklehurst's days are filled with the routine business of meeting with applicants who would do anything to get into his school. But when he meets a straight-A student who doesn't want to go to his school, Mr. Brocklehurst's curiosity is raised and the two have an unexpected impact on each other's lives.
Contact info :  Porschia Adler  Producer

La Coupe (The Cut)  
15 min.   Canada
When Fannie offers her father to cut his hair, he accepts. Alain knows that his daughter will do it carefully and thoroughly, as usual. But an outside incident change their plans and confront the precariousness of this shared moment. The cut tells the story of a father and a daughter, between proximity and detachment, for the moment of an haircut.
Geneviève Dulude-Decelles,  Director

9 min.   Naperville, IL 
Eight-year-old Debbie hates cleaning for her Nana. What she needs is a fairy godmother, but what she gets is a pimp.
Lauren Brinkman,  Director

23 min.   La Grange, IL 
A victim of the current economy, Doug hatches a plan to end all of his financial woes. You see, back in 1976 Doug's grade school, along with countless others across the United States, buried time capsules in honor of the nation's bicentennial. The difference is, Doug's class' capsule contained the first computer that Apple ever designed, the Apple 1, now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Enlisting a socially challenged former friend, and saddled with the onetime class bully, Doug sets out to locate and dig up the capsule. However, he's about to find out why history is best left in the past.
John Scaletta,  Director

The King of URL’s  
20 min.   Chicago
The King of URLs follows the meteoric rise of Alexander GiMetti, pitchman extraordinaire, internet superstar and self-proclaimed premier salesman of web domains. But beneath the swagger and the hard sell, this is a story about this aging huckster's life as single dad, his boundless love for his son, and his willingness to go to any length to do right by his boy.
Jonah Zeiger,  Producer

Sunday Oct. 12th Schedule
7:00PM - Best of the Fest Show

Join us for the 11th annual Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival's 'Best of the Fest' ShowThis is the show that shouldn't be missed, it highlights award winning films from throughout the fest.  Some of our favorites and some of yours (the audience).
The line-up of films will not be made available before the show, so if you want to know, you’ll have to go.
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