Friday Oct. 10th Schedule
6:30PM - The Chicago Show - Homegrown Cinema

The 11th Annual
Chicago International REEL Shorts Fest

This Years fest features almost 100 of the best short films from throughout the world.  Comedies, action, drama, Halloween, Demented, arts,  we are showing a little of everything!  So get tickets while you can!
Oct. 9-12, 2014

19 min.    
An aging ex-NBA ball player must choose between extending a damaged career or giving up everything for his young son. Starring Hoop Dreams star Arthur Agee in the lead role.
Director : Leo Gilbert

Litter Trouble   
10 min.   
A coming of age story of a environmentalist, teenage girl who embarks on a journey with her two friends in search of a lost wallet but encounters a situation that challenges everything she thought she stood for.
Director : Grecia Aguilar

Imagine - Sorry, Removed from fest  
6 min. 
On his way to an important meeting, Tyler is pulled into his own imagination by Phin, his childhood imaginary friend.
Director : Jasmine Allen

How Does a Merman Do It  
4 min.
Summer's boyfriend, Todd, is clueless to her obvious advances. When they stumble upon a sunbathing merman, the situation escalates without restraint, leaving Todd a persistent third wheel.   
Director : Jonah Saesan

5 min. 
When a disabled man moves in with his son and daughter-in-law, the cracks in the young couples marriage start to show. They have nursed their careers to be well-paid and successful by the world's standards, but fail at reaching any depth of intimacy. The addition of the man's father and the contempt they now harbor for each other boil to the surface in this one-take short.
Director : David Bradburn

12 min.  
The events that take place within the film are open to interpretation: Perhaps, John, an anthropologist, makes a discovery that drives him to recreate the tragic events of the past. Or perhaps the events of the past are a hallucination created by his tortured mind to justify his unpardonable actions. Or perhaps there is room for both myth and truth.   
Director ; Brian Wiebe

It Goes Quiet 
11 min.  
A candidate for town council and his campaign manager solicit money and support at a backyard fundraiser. While canvassing the candidate is invited into the home of a laborer where they form an unexpected bond.   
Directors:  Andrew Zox and Daniel Zox

22 min.
A short film about an ambitious, yet overworked young man who is presented a unique opportunity from a mysterious stranger: To wake up the next morning, and begin living his life 5 months into his future. He then begins to dissect both the advantages and the consequences of this opportunity with those closest to him. Their opinions and decisions lead to an unforgettable, and life-changing climax.
Directed by: Ryan McDonough

Friday Oct. 10th Schedule
8:30PM - That's Awkward!

It’s a Thing  
5 min. (Texas) 
A short film about two quirky high school students with irrational fears. They find each other and the power of love.
Director : Meredith Morran

3 min. (Chicago)
A funny, irreverent take on a Hypothetical question posed from one friend to another.  Hypothetically - 'Bringing camping out into the open'
Directed by: J.P. Snell

The Letter 
15 min. (UK) 
Steven hand's in his Resignation before bumping into the girl of his dreams. She has always worked with him but he's only just noticed her. They never talk, they only stare, which is obvious from his friend Robert that they were made for each other. Steven decides to ask her out in the form of a LETTER. A letter that could have devastating consequences.  
Director : James Sharpe

13 min.  (Arizona)  
A middle age woman attempts to juggle her own diminishing sex life while trying to cope with the blossoming sexuality of her teenage daughter.  
Director: Susan K. Brigham

Twinkies & Donuts 
15 min. (California)
An inquisitive seven year-old girl (Alexis Sky) demands to learn about 'the facts of life' from her reluctant father (Elon Gold) in this comedic short film.  
Director :  Evan Blank

Parker and Elle  
4 min. (California)
A drunken night of passion makes for some awkward conversation between two women.
Director : Kimberlee Oren

The Discontentment of Ed Telfair 
18 min.  (Arkansas)
Ed Telfair is a mundane middle-aged man who's dealing with insecurities in his life until he decides to take matters into his own hands.
Director : Daniel Campbell

The Monkeys and the Elephants   
8 min. (Chicago)
Let us tell you about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees, and the monkeys and the elephants? This short comedy explores the nature of relationships, and the interplay between members of different genders and sexual orientations.   
Director : Joseph Murphy

7 min. (Chicago)
An amateur magician accidentally conjures a kitten at a birthday party and finds out that he just can't stop making cats no matter how hard he tries.
Directed by: Michael Gabriele

Lez Be Honest  
9 min. (Florida)
Shy, flannel-clad Gina must decide whether to keep up a lesbian facade for the advancement of equality or proclaim her feelings for her crush Jeff.  
Director : Haley Manrique

Friday Oct. 10th Schedule
10:30PM - Comedic Pandemic - Showcase of Comedy Shorts

3 min. (Chicago)  
After saying good night from their first date, Thomas pursues a second date while Katie tries to let him down gently. 
Cooper Justus, Director

The Amazing Mr. Ash  
12 min.  (Chicago)
The Amazing Mr. Ash is a documentary short that follows the life and times of Ashod Baboorian, a beloved and eccentric Chicago-area magician. Mr. Ash, along with his wife Bonnie, has owned and operated Ash's Magic Shop on Western Avenue since 1985.
Brian Gersten,  Director; Producer; Executive Producer

Smart Home  
7 min.  (Canada)
Smart Home is a short film about a guy who lives in a home with smart appliances and technology that seem to conspire against him when his heating goes out. It's a six minute story about one man's quest to get warm.
Carol Phiniotis,  Director

7 min.  (New Zealand)
A support group leader for wickedly weird addictions discovers that he has his own.
Nicola Peeperkoorn,  Co-Director; Producer

10 min.   (Canada) 
When a gay Asian man notices that many gay men are taking a 'no-Asian' stance, he tries a group he previously avoided – rice queens, men ONLY attracted to Asians.
Austin Wong,  Director

8 min.  (Champaign, IL)
A little girl's favorite stuffed animal is kidnapped and brought to life by her evil genius baby brother.
Thomas Nicol,  Director

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & ¾
4 min. (Australia) 
His name is Desmondo Ray. He enjoys peeing in the rain, altering offensive graffiti, and listening to sad music while having happy thoughts... This is his video dating tape.
Steve Baker,  Director; Producer

Joke’s On You  
6 min. (Chicago)
The local park clown, rejected by the community, plots the ultimate joke.
Joe Goudreault, Director; Producer

The Honeypot  
4 min. (Chicago)
An obsessed woman is hiding in her boss' closet when he comes home unexpected with his mistress, only to somehow end up with all three of them hiding in the closet when the wife comes home.
Hadeel Hadidi,  Director

Boome & Slade 
12 min. (California) 
After the money-grubbing pigs at the network decide to cancel their television series, out-of-work sitcom characters Boome & Slade invade the mind of their creator, an aging screenwriter named Bryan, to prevent him from moving on to original material. Boome & Slade are in and there isn’t a meth cook, vampire or zombie that’s going to stop them.
Eric Jaffe,  Director

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