2015 Winners

Best Short Film 2015
(Chosen by our judging panel)

Who is Riley Oakes? 
20 Min
by Ron Devitt

Two high school slackers stumble upon a discarded set of old reel-to-reel tapes, labeled 'Riley Oakes'. When they listen to the voice on the tapes they discover the Riley uses music to overcome a disability and decide to find him as part of a school project.
Audience Choice Award 2015 
(Most votes from the audience present at screening)

Bark Mitzvah 
8 Min
by Carly Glenn

Bark Mitzvah is a mockumentary-style short film that follows a Jewish family as they throw an extravagant, coming-of-age celebration...for their dog. Naturally, doggie drama abounds, but the family comes out stronger in the end. After all, you can't have a Bark Mitzvah without a little bite!

Here is a full list of awards from our judging panel:

Best Short Film
Who is Riley Oakes?  - WINNER

Best Drama
The Decision - WINNER

Best Comedy
Moving On - WINNER

Best Documentary
The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove - WINNER

Best Animation
An Ode to Love - WINNER

Best Director
We Interrupt This Broadcast - WINNER

Best Horror/Suspense
Awakenings - WINNER

Best Science Fiction
Welcome to Forever - WINNER

Audience Choice Awards
(Most votes from the audience present at screening)

The Friday Opening Show - The ART POLICE

The Friday Evening Show - El Capo de Capos

Friday Night Lights - F the Moon  

Saturday Matinee - Bark Mitzvah

Saturday Afternoon Show - Out of Touch

Saturday Late Afternoon - The Champion

Saturday Evening Show - Family Meal

Saturday Night Shorts - In the Dark

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